We want more for you than just a stellar website or a successful marketing campaign. We want expansion,
visibility, and growth. For you and your company to thrive and affirm your position as best in your field, and for your audience to see and understand that. We want your success, because it’s directly correlated to ours.

A more dynamic and unique web, characterized by thoughtful and different software, user interfaces, and art
which inspire visitors to take action and form lasting relationships with our clients. A world where all devices are running programs that are vibrant, quick, and intuitive in every way.

To strengthen the presence of businesses everywhere by designing unique and breathtaking applications, developing innovative programs, and generating memorable, eye-catching content. To provide nothing less than the best in every regard for our clients and ensure efficiency, professionalism, and ongoing, friendly interaction.


Wow your visitors with stellar imagery that sets you apart from the rest.


Always well-optimized and -organized, giving you a strong foundation to build upon.


Strategies tailored to your brand to maximize your online visibility.

App & iOS

Bring your ideas to life with applications that work seamlessly across all platforms.

Project Management

Rest easy knowing that we'll expertly handle everything from start to finish.


Always quick-to-load and reliable. Don't worry, it scales with you as you grow.

About the Owner

(Who contributes to and oversees every project to ensure top quality.)

Stephanie Olson

Each project is a multi-faceted thing and should shine as such.

Too many agencies settle for “good enough.” I founded DracoVisuals when I realized this after years of freelancing, often working with frustrated clients to clean up the mess their prior agency had left them with. My mission seemed simply like the right thing to do: set my clients up for success. It’s a mission I continue to stand by as we expand and will never lose sight of.


Georgia Tech education. Degrees in physics and computer science. An unfailing eye for design and well-implemented code.


Fitness. Cooking. Great design. Even better development. Animals, big and small. Growth. Innovation. Tinkering.

You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.

Dieter Rams